Milenomics International Travel: an Overview

I hope yesterday’s post on the Importance of International Travel has persuaded you to become an international traveler.  Now all you need to do is get there. Milenomics will spend this next week on international travel, with this post being an overview of sorts before more specialized posts start up. By far international travel is much more […]

The Basics of Frequent Flyer Miles

The most common excuse I hear from people why they don’t want to get started collecting miles is that they think it is too much trouble.  The second most common excuse I hear is that miles are impossible to use.  Milenomics takes both of those ideas and throws them out the window. Miles Are Too […]

Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: A One-Trick Pony

A few days ago I wrote a lot about Milenomics and hotel bookings.  Included in that post were how hotel best rate guarantees, and booking site best rate guarantees are both competing for the lowest hotel prices. Tips like the one below are why I rarely collect Hotel points.  Today I share a very specific […]