Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) vs Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) vs Two Roads Hospitality (Hyatt acquisition)

After recording the most recent Milenomics² Podcast I realized that I conflated the Hyatt SLH partnership with LHW into something that doesn’t exist, calling it “Small Leading Hotels”. If I was confused, perhaps others are as well so I thought it would be useful to lay out these three semi-related yet distinct entities. They’re related […]

$5 off a $200 Mastercard Gift Card at Staples 10/21-10/27

    The Deal $5 off a $200 Mastercard Gift Card The regular activation fee on $200 Mastercard GCs is $6.95 so this brings the activation fee down to $1.95 In-store only (Staples doesn’t sell $200 MCGCs online) Details Valid 10/21/18–10/27/18. The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a […]

Deal or Not a Deal? Plastiq’s Targeted October 2018 Mastercard Fee-Free Dollar Promotion

Editor’s Note: In “Deal or Not a Deal” we discuss whether specific point earning opportunities are worth exploring. Wonky online bill pay provider Plastiq is back with another [targeted] promotion.  Today we’ll discuss how to best make use of this promotion. Direct link Terms (emphasis ours) Please note that this promotion has limited availability. Eligible customers for […]