Quick Tip: Extend JetBlue Travel Bank Credits

As described here JetBlue will extend the expiration of Travel Bank credits upon request:

I pinged them on Twitter DM (@JetBlue) and within 10 minutes I got an email alerting me that any Travel Bank credits expiring between now and 9/29/22 were updated to instead expire on 10/1/22. WIth JetBlue Travel Bank credits travel needs to be booked by this date, and their schedule is now bookable 11 months out. So this provides some welcomed time to make use of credits.

Bottom Line

JetBlue has been getting dunked on lately since being named worst airline by the Wall Street Journal. In my experience JetBlue has some operational issues and their IT isn’t the greatest. But to call them the worst airline seems like an overstatement to me.

I’d rather deal with a well intentioned airline that strives to do the right thing than a downright sinister one any time.

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– Written by Robert Dwyer, contributor at Milenomics. Connect with me on Twitter @RobertDwyer


    1. Chris: They’re extending anything expiring between now and 29 Sep to Oct 1, the minimum would be 2 days, but this could mean many more months for most with the new Expiration. In addition if you have a travel bank that expired this would revive it from the dead. Compared to many other airlines (southwest and AA come to mind) this is helpful. Doubly so because the credits with Jetblue are not name-locked (can book for anyone) and the flight does not need to take places by Oct 2, it just needs to be booked by then.

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