Just When Does the Plastiq Masterpass Promo End?

This should probably be a #veryshortblogpost. Posting here pushes it directly to anyone who subscribes by email but doesn’t check twitter 24/7. The time sensitive nature of this post is mainly why I’m breaking with Milenomics’ #veryshortblogpost tradition.  Arguably the deal of the summer, the Plastiq/Masterpass fee free liquidation method is drawing near to a […]

The Great Debate: Amex is Crushing Chase

Editor: We’re debuting a new feature here on the blog, “The Great Debate.”  This format is a back and forth between anonymous writers who will argue for/against an overall point.  The focus is on the discussion, who wrote what isn’t important. Sometimes these posts might be written entirely by myself or Robert. Other times we […]