Which Game Do You Play? Milenomics, or The Airline’s Game?

We’ll be discussing the game we play today.  I use the term “game” to describe our travel with miles because like most games there are winners and losers. Can everyone fly free everywhere they want to go, anytime, anywhere? No. We’ve covered why Miles are hard to use, and the costs of miles, and discussed […]

Breaking the Cycle of Free Upgrades: Delta’s latest Changes for Medallions

Stay with me on this post–I’ll be covering Delta’s latest changes. For everyone (non elites included) except Delta’s JFK Based Elite we’re seeing a change for the positive occur here. Delta’s Flyertalk representative just announced  the following changes: Changes to Systemwide Upgrades (SWUs): We are always looking for opportunities to fine-tune the Medallion program and […]

Using our Avios, AA and UA Miles for a Hawaiian & European Vacation

Note: Today’s post is hypotehtical–the miles don’t exist, but the bookings are real, and could be done today if you so choose. Post is also mostly for #201 level travelers. Yesterday I went over applications I considered, as well as a hypothetical group of applications to complement out September CCC apps.  In doing so we […]

Safeway And Albertsons Gift Card Deal Debriefing

As we’ve done in the past here on Milenomics, today we’re debriefing the recent Gift card deals at Safeway and Albertsons. Because both ended on 12/3 I decided to lump the debrief together into this one post.  If you reply, include a “S:” or “A:” in your reply so we’ll know which promotion you’re talking about. […]

Winter Credit Card Calendar Applications

Note: None of the links in this post benefit me. I do have two offers that benefit me which you can take me up on. To keep the post clean I’m asking you to email me: samsimontravel@gmail.com if you’d like to do so.  — Today’s the day! If you’re like me, you ran downstairs, into […]