Using our Avios, AA and UA Miles for a Hawaiian & European Vacation

Note: Today’s post is hypotehtical–the miles don’t exist, but the bookings are real, and could be done today if you so choose. Post is also mostly for #201 level travelers. Yesterday I went over applications I considered, as well as a hypothetical group of applications to complement out September CCC apps.  In doing so we […]

Quick Analysis of United’s Recent Devaluation Announcement

Both Will Run For Miles and Frugal Travel Lawyer wrote today about United’s recent devaluation.  If you haven’t heard yet–it is pretty bad for Business/First travelers.  I wouldn’t just call it a devaluation as much as a shift in how United Mileage Plus works as a program.  You’re now looking at two tiers for premium cabins–one […]

A More In-Depth Look at Demand Schedules

I’ve talked about Demand schedules for a few months now–introducing them as a part of “The Law of Supply and Demand of Miles.” Today we’ll dedicate this post entirely to what a demand schedule looks like, and then for the next few days we’ll use that demand schedule to discuss how to approach other aspects of […]