Balance Miles and Cash Back in the Face of Devaluations

Today’s “no-knock” American Airlines/US Airways surprise devaluations have the mile-verse spinning.  Once mighty and customer-centric AA has shown its new stripes, and we’re all at a disAAdvantage because of them. Devaluations are a part of the game we play, just as inflation is a concern with cash.  Today’s post will be equal parts editorial and […]

Using AA Miles on US Airways flights

This is a companion piece to the earlier piece on Using US Airways Miles on AA.  You may want to start there for basics on the merger and what is new as of today. Day 1- You Have to Start Somewhere Today’s the first day that AA and US frequent flyer programs have had the […]

Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policies, Tips and Tricks

I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m going to share with you today–but for those who don’t today’s post is going to be very important. We’ll be talking about the different airline’s 24 hour cancellation/hold policies. I haven’t written about it before, so for completeness I wanted to put together this post. The DOT Rule […]

Which Game Do You Play? Milenomics, or The Airline’s Game?

We’ll be discussing the game we play today.  I use the term “game” to describe our travel with miles because like most games there are winners and losers. Can everyone fly free everywhere they want to go, anytime, anywhere? No. We’ve covered why Miles are hard to use, and the costs of miles, and discussed […]

Using our Avios, AA and UA Miles for a Hawaiian & European Vacation

Note: Today’s post is hypotehtical–the miles don’t exist, but the bookings are real, and could be done today if you so choose. Post is also mostly for #201 level travelers. Yesterday I went over applications I considered, as well as a hypothetical group of applications to complement out September CCC apps.  In doing so we […]