The Principle of Mileage Conservation

Note:Today’s post was written for #201 and above Milenomics–because it includes discussion of international travel.   At it’s core Milenomics is about finding balance. Balance between Mileage supply and mileage demand.  Between travel needs and travel budgets.  Today we talk about the balance between your domestic flights and your international flights. Differentiate between domestic and […]

Milenomics Blog Giveaway!

Today’s the day of the First Milenomics Giveaway! Before I announce the giveaway, I want to take a moment to remind you of the basics of Milenomics: 1. Know your travel needs. 2. Find out what type of Traveler you are.  Keep an eye out for posts tailored to that level of Milenomics 3. Create […]

A more in-depth look at Chase UR

Earlier today I posted about the Chase Freedom vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred.  In that post I outline the best parts of the CSP–notably the 40,000 bonus UR points.  I’ve mentioned before that the best time of year to apply for the card is March, and we’ll include it in our March CCC applications.  Applying for […]

530 MPH Just Isn’t Fast Enough

Today I’ll discuss why the most expensive miles you’ll earn are the ones you get by flying. Just for fun I thought I’d run the numbers to see how much a standard mileage run costs.  I’ll be using the $900 Delta mistake fare from GRU for my math., one of my favorite websites, has […]